Utsavah (Festive New-In)

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Utsavah (Festive New-In)

India is a land of religion, culture, and traditions; we are honored with assortments of ethnic clothing that we are showing for years. Moreover, these days, people all over the world are also adopting our traditional clothing. Isn’t it amazing that we Indians have a treasury of excellent ethnic wear clothing such as salwar kameez, lehenga choli, saree , Kurti and others? The fusion of Indian and Western wear associates the whole world together.

The modernisation of a nation brings on the various attributes of change, fashion being one among them. Today, fashion in India is embracing modernity gracefully by morphing it into traditional wear. People are moving towards innovative fabrics and silhouettes where a drape or structure is a union of both traditional and western aesthetics, allowing us to create unique and interesting ensembles. This has brought with it a space for experimentation with no boundaries.

The colour palette for traditional wear has been widened towards subtle shades of pastel and earthy tones as well as striking metallic shades that incorporate sharp and edgy cuts. Using tones of silver onyx, emerald, amethyst, topaz, as well as metallic shades of rose gold, pewter and light gold bring an edge to the garments. In this period of turbulence, where everything is in full transformation, the Indian-style veneer is also undergoing a change. But one thing that remains alive is our love for Indian ethnic clothing. Although we have embraced the changing sensibilities of the world in style and fashion, we have managed to keep our traditional roots and our real heritage intact.

Inspired by this rich heritage craft, of weaving SILKS and the popularity among the royals, our designers have crafted a very special capsule: ‎उत्सवः collection to help you ace all kinds of celebrations, big or small. Our 𝐔𝐭𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐡 collection is designed to leap headfirst into the cosy and intimate festivities that we've been yearning all year long. Presenting our elegant ensemble crafted in posh jacquard fabric, in a calf-grazing length with sophisticated designs on its surface; with loads of new styles for everybody, You’ll be sure to make heads turn, right from the moment you arrive, albeit indoors.

Full of fine feminine cuts for sweet humble celebrations that rekindle life and the festive spirit; introducing our feminine yet effortless sartorial choices this season for intimate gatherings. The lightweight fabrics and the skilful craft with which these ensembles are created bring an edge in our design language and refreshing ease to enjoy the merriment flawlessly.

Here are some of the outfits you can look for in our amazing collection:

READY TO WEAR SAREE: A perfect amalgamation of a traditional drape and ruffle detailing, our Utsavah saree is a modern play on our national masterpiece in itself. Crafted to celebrate and revitalize the symbolic loom, come dip into the unforgettable classic built to style in your own way - the TRUE way. Reminiscing our sweet humble beginnings; from our Indigenous Sarees to a bright and intense palette of ready-to-wear drapes that represents our core value of comfort and ideal for a grand debut at home or anywhere you go. Bringing a functional evolution to the intimate and indoor festivities, our soft crinkle fabric sarees, crafted with imperial borders, playful ruffles, side pockets and seamless zippers, reflects the trueYou and a fuss-free performance all day.

MAKHMALA BLOUSE: Reminiscent of royal Mughal courts and their couture, we present to you, FIRST TIME EVER, our deep-hued Makhmala blouses, accentuated with twinkling gota details. Delve in a romance of flattering cuts and vintage designs with functional dainty details of our one-of-a-kind blouses.

VELVET SHAWL: We at #trueBrowns have always played with muted tones in our design language as a part of the aesthetics of our brand. Breaking our own boundaries this time, we have dived head-first into an array of intense hues for the festivities and was it a therapeutic experience! Let the magic of cozy, intimate gathering come alive with our makhmala shawl, crafted in a deep luminous shade and gleaming embroidery. Engulfing as the night sky, let this velvet shawl from the Utsavah collection accentuate your ensemble with its bold border detailing, this festive season.

CRINKLE SUIT SET: Rekindling the 70's memories with the unforgettable and legendary Madhubala, in her iconic film Mughal-e-Azam, a legendary depiction of Anarkali a popular courtesan in her time. Popular in the Mughal reign, legends say that Anarkali, in her time dazzled everyone especially Prince Salim. It is, however, her love and timeless costume that immortalized the name of the long, floor-length attire - Anarkali, thereafter. Fine feminine fit on crinkled fabric with many pleats that adds to the ’Ghera’ commence the season of festivities at home, with our freshest collection as we relive this nostalgic feeling through our silhouettes.

SILK KURTA SETS: Shimmer and shine - for festivities and beyond! Like a star-spangled sky, the colour Red has been celebrated since the medieval era for poets. A key signature for us at trueBrowns is finding a balance between these subtle details and reviving our cultural heritage.

Immerse in the upcoming festivities with a riot of colours and conversations that makes you sparkle. Adorned with Zari details throughout the body like a starry night our ensembles are easy to groove in and perfect for the auspicious indoor gatherings at home. Come, discover our newest collection 𝐔𝐭𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐡 SILK and experience the magic of sheen and gleam.