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Weddings are considered to be grand affair celebrated with great pomp and show in most of the households as these are traditionally multi-day affairs, involving many intricate ceremonies, rituals and are most famously imagined as enormous spectacles.

The pandemic’s postponed nuptials are coming home to roost. Weddings are loved by everyone, whichever is the month that they are held in. Whether summer, spring, winter or autumn, a wedding is always a special event. Having said this, one must also consider having this soft corner for summer weddings, and here are the most valid reasons:

Long Days - The longest days of the year are in summer, and this gives you ample time to enjoy our wedding day without worrying about how early the sun will set and it will be best to dismiss the party. With the sun taking its own sweet time to go to sleep, sunset weddings can be held late in the evening. This allows both the wedding party and the guests plenty of time to get dressed and reach the venue. Summer is also the ideal season to plan a non-traditional outdoor morning ceremony.

Tis the season of joy & colours - Summer is so full of joy, and weddings being a celebration of love and happiness, there couldn’t be a better time for it. Your guests will also be eager to step out of their homes and enjoy your wedding. This is irrespective of whether it is held indoors or outdoors. The longer days make everyone active, and they will be eager to attend your summer wedding than battle the snow and make it to a winter wedding ceremony. 

It’s already vacations - It is a known fact that many people choose to go on annual leave during the summer, and with prior notice, they can plan to attend your wedding, and adjust their vacation plans accordingly. It also helps your friends or family in university, as they will mostly have their annual break in summer. When you get married in June, it is closer to the holidays, and this allows you more time to enjoy yourself.

Season of destination weddings - Many exotic destinations offer special wedding packages this time of the year. You may be able to book your honeymoon stay at a reduced rate, or club it with the wedding venue costs. Getting married on the beach, where surf and turf meet, with warm salty breezes punctuating the air—it is a fantasy come true for many couples, and summer makes it possible.

Along with these reasons one of the most important aspects that is associated with weddings in India is about clothes because as it said by many, “Weddings are all about good food and bright & happy clothes”. There is nothing prettier, more colorful or utterly enjoyable than an Indian wedding in the summertime. Anyone who has ever experienced an Indian summer wedding will attest to the warm weather being the cherry on top of the famous warm Indian hospitality. But with all things Indian, this too ranges in diversity depending on where you live because what may be a welcome spot of sunshine for some can also be a sweat-infused hellish nightmare for others. All Indian summer weddings have the need to dress up, show up and shake a leg as a mandatory requirement, so it’s never a bad idea to get started on those Indian summer wedding outfits sooner rather than later.

Lehengas - This outfit is worn mostly on special occasions like weddings and festivals. The vibrant colours and meticulous work on these Lehengas are mesmerising indeed. This royal attire is now a statement of fashion, rather than a standard dress for most Indians. The elegant and precious Lehengas are the go-to’s during the wedding season. If you love fusion fashion, then dressing up for a wedding invitation is exactly your cup of tea. Flared maxi skirts that have some traditional elements like zari weaves or embroidery are lightweight, allow air to pass and at the same time are perfect for occasions. Pair the skirt with a blouse or crop top that again has some desi element. You can also give a bohemian twist to this look by choosing a pair of lehenga skirts and blouses that have mirror work or tribal motifs.

Sharara - Weddings in summer can often get tiring with heavy lehengas worn for longer time periods. So, in this case, a sharara should be your first choice due to its beauty and convenience as it can be carried easily while you look elegant, at every point during the day.

Dhoti Pants - Dhoti is a traditional Indian garment that has existed for years and got fashionable with time. Dhoti pants are the result of the innovation that has been done with the traditional dhoti garment. They make for the perfect Indian outfit for any wedding festivities that take place.

Saree - Sarees are perfect as outfits for summer weddings as they allow a lot of ventilation and are lightweight provided you stay away from heavily embellished ones. Choose a silk saree for that royal look. You may also go for a chiffon saree that has elegant embellishment just at the borders and the pallu for that classic look.

Suits - This can be a more casual option for side events like a mehandi or intimate get-togethers. But a floor-length Anarkali has it's own charm. This is one outfit that suits all body types and can be seen in everyone's wardrobe. For a busier function, you can amp up with a heavier design and intricate embroidery.

Lightweight Gowns - You can close your eyes and purchase an ethnic gown to dress up for a summer wedding invitation. Gowns are one-piece outfits that are easy to move about in.

Attending an Indian wedding is so too much fun but you need to dress it right for the occasion. You need to make sure that what you wear must be comfortable as in a big fat Indian wedding you would be dancing and will be open the move, so choose something which is very comfortable.