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Buy Women's Kurta Set

Trendy, contemporary, and classy, women's kurta sets can never go out of fashion. Be it an office meeting, a traditional gathering, a festive occasion, or simply a date with friends, a kurta pant set is your go-to option. Women's kurta set essentially consists of a kurta, a pant, a churidar, or a palazzo and may or may not come with a dupatta or stole. The fact that kurta or trousers can be replaced to make a new outfit also makes kurta sets a favorite amongst fashion girls. Likewise, you can always mix n match a kurta or pants with other attires to achieve a new look. For instance, you can ditch the dupatta or wrap it in a shrug style or simply replace the kurta with a crop top to go chic.

The best thing about a kurta pant set is its versatility. There are a lot of options when it comes to women's kurta sets, making it a viable selection for several occasions. Thus, having a designer kurta set in your wardrobe along with a few kurta pant sets is essential. 

Different types of kurta sets

Kurta and Pant Set

  • A kurta pant set consists of a kurta and a pair of pants. 
  • The pants may be tight-fit pants or palazzo pants. 
  • The kurta comes in a variety of designs and patterns such as slit kurta, A-line kurta, sleeveless kurta, short kurta, asymmetric kurta, and more. 
  • There is no dupatta or stole in a kurta pant set.
  • A kurta pant set is a good option for a casual or traditional setting. 
  • Heels, earrings, and a trendy handbag go perfectly with a kurta pant set.
  • To add some glamor to your attire, you can don a scarf.

Jacket Kurta Set

A jacket kurta set comprises a kurta, pants, and a jacket. 

The jacket may be long or short and maybe front- open or come with some kind of fastening.

A jacket kurta set is elegant and chic.

It can be adorned at weddings and similar occasions as it is considered a designer kurta set.

To spice up a long jacket kurta set, team it up with a waist belt and a choker.

Alternatively, you can experiment by ditching the jacket completely. This will mute your attire and would make it perfect for evenings that call for a simplistic ensemble. 

Co-ord Set

Co-ord is a short form for a coordinated set. This means that both the bottom and top are made of the same fabric and material. 

A co-ord set has the same appearance from top to bottom and hence looks classy.

Go for solid co-ord sets if you want minimalist attire. Alternatively, printed or embroidered co-ord sets are great for parties and such occasions.

Pair a co-ord set with heels and let the rest of your jewelry be minimal to achieve a decent look.

Kurta Pant Dupatta Set

Decent, classy, and stylish, a kurta pant dupatta set is a three-piece set that is as versatile as any dress can be.

The best way to don a kurta pant dupatta set is to wear it with minimal jewelry along with a nice pair of heels.

Studs, a few bangles, and jutis will also look great with any kurta pant dupatta set. 

This set is the most traditional attire of any kurta set and can be worn to pujas, festivals, and cultural events. 

Kurta Set

A simple kurta set consists of a kurta and a bottom. The bottom can be palazzo pants, dhoti pants, pants, churidars, etc. 

The kurta comes in a variety of designs and styles such as slit kurta, short kurta, asymmetric kurta, angrakha, and more. 

The comfort and versatility of a cotton kurta set have made it an absolute basic in any woman's wardrobe.

Kurta Styling Tips

  • There are several ways to flaunt your kurta. Depending upon the occasion and your choice you can go for plenty of styles. 
  • Kurta with dhoti pants, palazzo pants, or a sharara is a good option while going for a traditional or cultural event.
  • Kurta with jeans is another wonderful option, especially while going to college or a casual meet-up. 
  • A long kurta or knee-length kurta can also be used as a dress. Simply don a waist belt over the Kurti and you're good to go.
  • Spice up a simple kurta with a shrug to show off your style statement. 
  • Go sexy by teaming a short kurta with shorts. Talk about sexy, comfy, and trendy all at once.
  • Another amazing combination is a kurta with a denim jacket. Come winter, you can ditch your cardigans and go chic with a denim jacket on a kurta. 
  • A party looks calls for something different and dashing. Pair a kurta with straight pants and drape a long dupatta like a saree over it. Complete the look with ethnic earrings and a waist belt. 

Which kurta is best?

Deciding which kurta is best for you depends on several factors such as body type, occasion, weather, and the look you want to create! In winter you can go for layered kurtas as well as velvet kurta sets. Whereas, summer calls for cotton or rayon kurta sets. Likewise, A-line kurtas are a great option for a rounded figure while Anarkali and flared kurtas go well with slim body types. Festive occasions call for ethnic kurtas paired with skirts or palazzo pants whereas a buttoned-up kurta is great for a casual meeting with friends. While going for a trendy party look, go for embroidered kurtas. Likewise, for an official meeting, a simple solid kurta along with minimalist earrings is a good choice. 


Can I wear a kurta with jeans? 

Pairing a kurta with jeans is a great option when you want the comfort of jeans along with the style of a kurta. Fashion these days calls for experimenting with looks and styles. Don a short Kurti with jeans and flaunt your style. To complete the look, wear a statement necklace, alternatively,, a trendy scarf should do the trick. Alternatively, you can pair an A-line kurta with jeans to achieve a semi-casual look.

Can I wear shoes with Kurta?

Sneakers, loafers, and ballerinas all look great with a kurta palazzo set or kurta and jeans. Shoes with mid heels also go well with kurtas. Nothing provides comfort like a cotton linen kurta pant set with ballerina shoes!

Is the kurta formal wear?

Solid colored ladies' kurtas, striped kurtas, and printed kurtas are definitely formal wear. A white kurta set for women is the best example of a formal wear kurta. Similarly, kurtas with light thread work are also considered formal wear. As long as a kurta isn't heavily embroidered, flared, or too flashy it can be classified as formal wear. 

Is the kurta a traditional dress?

Yes, the kurta is most definitely a traditional dress for both men and women. Similarly, a kurta pant set with a dupatta is considered a traditional dress. Hence, a designer kurta pant set with a shrug or a jacket also comes under the traditional wear category. 

Which Kurti is best for office wear?

Printed Kurti, solid-colored Kurti, kurta pant set with dupatta, and A-line Kurti are all excellent choices for office wear. If there is a small celebration or a special occasion at the office, then a lightly embroidered Kurti is also a good choice. For professional meetings, printed, striped or button-up Kurti are good choices.