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Organic Cotton Face Masks for Kids

As the daily activities resume, it is recommended that kids from 6-11 years old, wear masks under parents supervision and older kids to be wearing masks as per adult guidelines. Find the perfect fit for your child from maks on Truebrowns.

As many restaurants, salons and schools have reopened across the country, masks have become the norm.

The Corona pandemic has brought with it new challenges for families across the globe. Parents should encourage their children to take the precautions to help prevent getting and spreading COVID-19. Some of them are to wear masks when outside and washing hands and use of sanitiser when you touch anything in public space. Since, the Covid can be spread by an asymptomatic person as well, wearing a mask helps prevent further spread.

Non-medical masks are recommended on a daily basis if you don’t have any symptoms. Use of reusable masks is promoted as it is eco-friendly and not heavy on your pocket. Fabric masks come in various shapes and materials. When buying masks for kids, it may be a hassle to find the right fit, as masks are made largely for adults, and only a few brands like Truebrown provide masks specially catering to kids of age 6-11 and ahead.

Masks that are made using breathable fabric like cotton are a good choice for kids as it is not easy for them to keep the mask on all the time. Frequent supervision and right guidance from parents can help in making kids understand why masks are necessary to be worn in any public setting. Soft elastic around the ears and interesting prints on the fabric can promote use of masks amongst kids.

Truebrowns provides masks for kids with various prints and colours which are pleasing to the eye of the wearer. The masks are pleated to give a better fit and ensures that there is no gap around the mask and is secured around the mouth, nose and chin of the child correctly.

Caring for the mask well, can help them last long and prevent any skin-related issues. Washing them in soap correctly, drying them completely and storing them in a clean and dry place will help in having the right hygiene. Correctly wearing, removing and caring for a mask is important to protect your health and those around you. Practice following this checklist with your family to turn it into a routine.

When putting the mask on-

Wash your hands clean with soap and water before putting the mask on.

Checking for any dust or grime on the mask before wearing it.

Checking if the elastic is secured tightly around the ears and is not uncomfortable for your kid.

Make sure there is no gap around the lining of the mask and it is easy for your child to breathe in it.

While wearing the mask-

Change the mask if it gets dirty or wet due to sweat.

Keep an eye on your child to see that the mask is in place and they don’t remove it unless you are in an empty space with less people around you.

Carry another spare mask for your kids in case they need to change into a new one. Carry a resealable pouch to store the masks properly.

While taking off the mask-

Wash hands before taking the mask off.

Avoid touching the front fabric of the mask and try to remove using just the elastic that goes behind the ears for better hygiene.

Wash your hands after taking the mask off as well.

Wash the masks when bought new before using them for the first time and wash masks after each use.

Masks come in various colours and patterns. Involving your child in the purchase of their masks can help in making them ease into use of mask in their day to day outdoor activities. Online purchase from Truebrowns gives the kids an opportunity to explore a variety of masks for themselves and makes it easy for parents to purchase without going out in public space and compromising on the health of their children. Making children decide what mask they want will in turn promote use of the mask even when parents are not around.

Children are quick to spot inconsistencies, so be mindful of the example you set and encourage relatives and friends around your family to follow recommendations on wearing masks as well. If they see you wear masks consistently, then they are bound to follow through.

Change is one thing that is steady, make your kid more versatile towards it by presenting them through the right and supportive ways. Teach your youngster about the need and significance of the need of the time. Allow them to partake in their adolescence outside of home with care and security.

Truebrowns incourage to settle on feasible decisions in regular daily existence and gives incomparable quality items to its clients. Make a sustainable choice by wearing a fabric mask as they are reusable unlike the surgical mask we through out of one use. Make a small step towards the organic and healthy choice by purchasing a clothe mask for your child that is made of natural material. Teach the importance of sustainability in our lives to be healthy by making a small change in our lifestyle choice. We don’t know that how long these masks are going to be a part of our day-to-day life. Make it fashionable by styling it with more colourful choice.