Ethnic Separates

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Ethnic Separates

Crafting versatile outfits has always been part of trueBrowns’ design language and brand ethos. As the world is moving towards a more conscious and sustainable choice, having pieces that can be worn in different ways gives you a lot more options of creating a statement wherever you go. trueBrowns’ collection of Ethnic Separates consists of easy-to-style Kurtas, extremely comfortable bottoms, free & flowy Skirts that truly look good as is or when mixed and matched with other staple pieces in your existing wardrobe. Ever thought of blending your ethnic ensemble with western outfits? Or mixing a solid basic with a bold patterned piece? It’s no doubt how fusion style adds an undeniable charm to your personality. Made for your every mood, these ethnic separates are super easy to integrate with pieces you already own. Dress up, down, mix, match, combine, refresh - because these items will last you a lifetime. Whether you have a meeting to attend or a summer picnic with your girlfriends, these separate pieces are built to transition with every look of yours. Because have you ever noticed that so many great things kick off when done differently? Believe us, we feel the same when these Ethnic separates are styled in the many ways the #trueYou desires.

Our Kurtas are designed to spark comfort with its fuss-free fits, soft on skin fabrics and minimal yet high-functional detailing that always bring out the best in you. Every wardrobe needs a staple that requires minimal effort and gives out maximum output, and our Kurtas just do that. Available in varied colour options, equipped with pockets, elegant sleeve and neckline details, these flattering pieces are easy to move in and keeps you comfy day tonight. Moreover, they are even easier to style, whether you'd like to wear it as a dress, pair it with jeans or a skirt or just add elements like silver jewellery or a patterned jacket, these Kurtas never fail to elevate the look you are aiming for.

Now, we all know how a good pair of bottoms can take you places. trueBrowns' selection of essential bottom wear are so good that you'd never want to take them off. Weaving a tale of comfort and versatility ~ our essentials are no ordinary pants. Built for everyday travels, but equally good for everyday lounging at home. They are easy-breezy, made in smart details, relaxed, lightweight, billowy silhouettes that truly deliver comfort like no other. Believe us, there's nothing you'll not love about these perfect to lounge pieces. Style our ethnic bottom with your favourite shirt for that fusion-contemporary look, while our basic bottoms look brilliant when paired with a crop top or t-shirt. Multiple scenarios? Not to worry, these bottoms are made to take you through them all.

Skirts - a wardrobe is never complete without a flowy-flared elegance that keeps you airy all year long. These feminine and romantic cut silhouette are by far the most versatile piece you could ever have in your wardrobe. These timeless pieces help transition easily from an afternoon brunch scene to a relaxed evening vibe. That's not it, they match with literally every piece of top-wear you have in your closet. From tank tops and ruffled shirts to your favourite graphic tee, our ethnic skirts can take your day from 0 to 100 real quick! No matter what the occasion or day of the week our fine cut silhouettes are made to tackle your whole dusk to dawn look, without breaking a sweat with mix of elements & accessories you have waiting to be paired. Curated for the various scenarios that mean the most to you ~ from attending your best friends wedding to your BIG meeting, indulge in our ensembles that are rooted in traditions with a contemporary twist. Experiment and express your many moods with outfits styled in different ways. A distinct mixture of modern, boho-chic, with a dash of traditional style, our ethnic separates are always the quickest to style without having to spend a single second worrying about what to wear.

Go On, Change the narrative. Learning how to wear one outfit in different ways is the best way to stretch your wardrobe and definitely a sustainable choice. Well, these Separate staples are a great option to begin with. Swaddle yourself in our specially curated elegance for the trueYou and bring out evolution in fashion by mixing and matching these pieces.