Tips to choose a fancy type saree as per your body shape

Fancy type Sarees are one of the most flattering women's apparel options. Fashion designers in India have long been fascinated by 6-meter-length garments. By looking at current trends, it appears that the appeal of a saree will continue to grow in the years ahead.

This traditional Indian garment has undergone numerous alterations and trials throughout the years. Readymade sarees and fusion sarees are only a few examples. A variety of modern-cut pant styles, such as palazzos and dhoti pants, have been created to go with the traditional yet timeless look of the saree, ensuring its longevity.

There is just so much that these experiments and the classic draping approach can accomplish to enhance your appearance. Choosing the right saree is half the battle when it comes to pulling off a saree appearance. Choosing a saree for your body type based on your measurements is essential to highlighting your greatest features.

Perfectly Draped Fancy type Sarees' Magic

A neatly draped saree has a special allure and magic to it. Sarees have an undeniable allure that can't be denied. When properly draped, a woman's attire accentuates her beauty.

Choosing the proper Fancy type Sarees for you is one of the most important aspects of achieving the perfect saree look. When shopping for a saree, for example, you should pay attention to the fabric because it determines whether or not you appear slim or heavy. Aside from that, the perfect combination of colours and prints can enhance the natural beauty of your features and skin tone.

Understanding Your Body Type And Choosing The Right Fancy type Sarees

 When it comes to body type, sarees can be a godsend if you choose the right one for you. Depending on your body type, you'll need a specific style of saree with specific design features.

Saree for pear-shaped body

People with pear-shaped bodies have hips that are wider than busts that are smaller. With this body type, you should avoid mermaid-cut sarees since the lower half of your body will be made to appear heavier than it actually is. Fabrics like georgette and chiffon are ideal for balancing the upper and lower body. On ladies with this body shape, bright and pastel tones of clothing appear best. If you've got a pear-shaped figure, the seedha pallu type of saree drape is ideal for you.

Sarees For Apple Shaped Bodies

If your bust and stomach are heavier than your hips, you have an apple body type. Sarees featuring embroidery or beaded look best on apple-shaped women. Wrapping the saree in a specific style or opting for a longer blouse can help those with a larger waist conceal their tummy. Net fabric is your adversary, therefore avoid it at all costs.. Silk is the perfect fabric for an apple-shaped body to wear a saree since it brings out your best features. If you're looking for a classic style that also hides your large waist, opt for an ulta-pallu saree!

Fancy type saree for an Hourglass Figure

A woman with an hourglass figure has a well-defined waist and a well-balanced breast and hips. Sarees are their closest friend because they are plump and naturally curvy. They can wear sarees made of chiffon, nett, and georgette. Your natural curves will be highlighted by these textiles, which enhance your figure. Ideally, the saree should be dark in colour with exquisite embroidered work for an hourglass-shaped figure. As an additional option, you can wear a blouse with criss-crossing strings. Heavy decorations should be avoided at all costs. Also, refrain from overdraping the area around your bust.

Fancy type Sarees for tall and thin women

Saree style tips for tall and thin women like Deepika Padukone are available for you. To pull it off, saree components such as bold colours, huge designs, and wide and heavy borders should be considered. If you wear a saree with a lot of design, it will make you appear shorter than you really are. Even the cloth you choose plays a role in the final look. Sarees with rich borders and lace and nett work can enhance the beauty of tall women. Cotton sarees and silk sarees are other viable alternatives. Avoid clinging fabrics such as chiffon and satin.

Small-Body Sarees

Being short and having a thin shape means you have a tiny body. They need Indian traditional attire that has thin borders, which will make them appear taller. For tiny women, big designs and hefty borders are a no-no. If you want to wear a saree, aim for a medium-sized print and rich embroidery work. To provide the impression of height, wear a blouse with an exposed back. Because simple sarees would only make you appear smaller, you need to pay attention to the details on your sarees. Gray, red, and brown sarees will look stunning on you.

Saree for Plus-Sized Women Body

Cotton is a no-no for plus-size Indian ladies, as it's too stiff. These garments will just make you appear larger. Also, avoid using prints with wide, bold strokes. A well-balanced body image can be achieved by wearing heavy chiffon or silk sarees. The finest saree elements for you are little motifs and linear prints, as well as dark, striking hues. Deeper necklines and full sleeves are the greatest options for blouses. The draping of a plus-size woman's outfit can make all the difference. Draping in the Nivi manner is your best bet.

Sarees for a slim figure

When draping designer sarees, thin women need to accentuate their body's curves. Clingy textiles such as poly-crepes and overly-thin fabrics should be avoided. Cotton kinds like Kota and South, heavier variants of georgette, and Banarasi and Banarasi-style saree weaves are ideal for you. You should wear sleeveless, backless, and halter neck tops. If you're petite, you'll need a saree that's either light and airy or bright and patterned. Slim women can easily pull off the patli pallu draping technique.

The Rectangular-Body Saree

If the dimensions of every part of your body are the same, you have a rectangle or ruler body type. Also known as a "supermodel body," this is one of the most common types of body. You require saree fabrics like cotton, brocade, tissue, and organza because this body shape lacks curves. Don't wear tight-fitting clothes that draw attention to your waist. Designer sarees come in a variety of embroidery styles, from light to heavy.

Bold and large designs with deep neck shirts will hide the rectangular shape. It's best to go with smaller prints and thinner borders if you're a petite person in addition to being rectangular. Turtle, v-neck, boat, scoop, sweetheart, and halter are some of the best necklines for you. As an alternative, you can wear a tube top with a corset blouse underneath.

Sarees are the most flattering clothing option for women when properly draped. They accentuate the wearer's feminine and delicate features and captivate anybody who sees them. Choosing a saree for your body shape is an intentional decision to step up your fashion game. To bring out their greatest qualities, every type of body requires a particular set of draping patterns, colours, saree elements, and tops. There is no one correct way to wear a saree because every lady is unique and has her own sense of style.

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What type of Saree is Best For Beginners?

Beginners' Guide to Light Fabrics

With the holiday season just around the corner, you're certain to be on the hunt for the best new items to add to your wardrobe. There's no better occasion than a house party or a home celebration to wear a saree, especially for those who have never worn one before. You don't even have to worry about not having enough space or resources to alter the pins and pallu on a regular basis!


You may want to try a georgette saree if you've never worn one before and aren't sure what to expect. It's made of sheer, lightweight, and delicate silk, allowing you to move freely. From Kashmiri to Banarasi designs, georgette is used to make sarees that are rich in design but easy to wear.


Vegan silk sarees are light and easy to drape since they are made from a fabric produced from banana stalk fibre. These sarees, which retail for around Rs. 7,000, come in a wide spectrum of colours and patterns. Your extended family will appreciate their opulent appearance as you spend time together in celebration.


Cotton sarees in vibrant hues are a wonderful complement to the wardrobe of someone who enjoys wearing slightly stiff textiles but is only beginning to explore the world of yards. Pins help keep cotton sarees in place when they are neatly tucked in. With so many colours and patterns available, you'll be able to keep wearing them long after the festivities are finished.


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